In zaytsevo man sold the place in the queue to KPVV

Guards Kramatorsk squad found the citizen of Ukraine who was engaged in «selling» queue before the checkpoint of entry-departure «zaitsevo».

According to the state border service, the information about it was provided by the citizens, who crossed the line of demarcation.

Previously it became known that over 200 hryvnia, he lost his place in the queue for «paid» cars.

At the moment 58-year-old man guards gave interactive law enforcement agencies for adoption of the legal decision.

The state border service of Ukraine calls on citizens to break the law and not to escalate the situation, speculating among the participants.

In addition, the border guards ask the people in case of detection of such cases, immediately inform the service «Trust» of the state border service – either by phone (044) 527-63-63, or e-mail

You can also inform the composition of a border duty.

We will remind, frontier guards believe that because of the increased traffic on the boundary line need to open up more PPC.

In zaytsevo man sold the place in the queue to KPVV 01.09.2016

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