In Zaporozhye detained a gang of car thieves who coveted car of the police

February 5, the Zaporozhye police arrested the kidnappers office VAZ-21099 in the garage intruders and found traces of more than a dozen similar crimes, reported on the website of national police.

The report said that during the performance of official duties 24-year-old police officer on the official car drove home to change. The police car parked in the yard, but returned 10 minutes later discovered her absence.

About the incident to law enforcement immediately reported to the Dniprovsky police station in Zaporizhia region.

In the result of carried out quickly-search actions within a few hours the location the service the Vase was established as the faces of the kidnappers. They were two local residents. One of them, 24-year-old young man, was previously convicted of grievous bodily harm in 2016. His 25-year-old accomplice is now under investigation for possession of drugs.

As it turned out later, the attackers stole the car and drove it to the territory of one of garage cooperatives of Zaporozhye.

The kidnappers brought in the Dnipro Zaporizhia branch of the police. The men confessed to the theft of the car, and also another 10 similar crimes.

The investigation is continuing.

Earlier patrol Dnipro showed a colorful video of the pursuit of a criminal on the «Lada».

In Zaporozhye detained a gang of car thieves who coveted car of the police 06.02.2017

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