In Zaporizhia, the offender fired on police

In Zaporozhye earlier repeatedly judged for Commission of especially grave crimes local resident made a fire a gun at the police from the apartment of a multistory building. As reported in Department of communications of GU-Ukraine in Zaporizhia region, the incident occurred last night, January 3, in the Alexander district of the regional center.

«On 3 January at 17:55 in a call center of the Alexander police Department Dniprovskiy police Department GUNP in the Zaporozhye area the message arrived that from the balcony of the apartment on the third floor of the house on the street in Zaporozhye unknown shoots in the direction of the entrance of the house, where are the police», — told the police.

According to the state of Ukraine in the Zaporozhye area, the incident was preceded by treatment to the local hospital to the residents of Zaporozhye, including beatings, which, according to her, she caused her husband. In the hospital the woman was given necessary help and have released home. There to clarify the circumstances of the injury checked out by a district police officer along with a squad of police protection in the Zaporozhye region.

«When law enforcement officers arrived at the scene, the door nobody opened. From the apartment the shot was distributed in closed metal doors. The police came down to the first floor to go outside, but when they came out of the door, them sounded another shot: the landlord shot from the balcony of the hunting smooth-bore rifle «saiga» and hit the door,» the police said.

According to law enforcement officers on the scene were sent to the staff of the company of the police special forces. Arrived guide GUNP in the Zaporozhye region and the Dnieper police Department, but locked in the apartment earlier repeatedly judged for Commission of especially serious crimes, the citizen refused to lay down their weapons and threatened their use.

«In order to prevent possible victims among the civilian population and law enforcement bodies in the negotiations with the attacker through the intercom came the chief of the Alexandrovsky police Dmitry Klimenko. The attacker agreed to let him alone, unarmed, in the apartment where in the course of negotiations, a police officer found the arguments that led the offender to lay down their arms», — told the police.

Now the malefactor is detained and is in custody. Open criminal proceedings under part 4 of article 296 UK of Ukraine – «Hooliganism committed with a firearm». The investigation is being conducted.

Recall Netpolice expects the level of crime in the following year will decline.

In Zaporizhia, the offender fired on police 04.01.2017

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