In Yemen six months later, the President returned

Yemeni President Abd rabbuh al-Hadi Mansur, who had gone to Saudi Arabia six months ago in connection with large-scale conflict in their country, Tuesday 22 September went back to Yemen.

It is reported by «BBC Russia».

Earlier Tuesday, a military aircraft belonging to Saudi Arabia, delivered the President to the airport Aden.

«The return of his Excellency the President in Aden followed his six-month absence amid stringent attack by militants loyal to the Houthis and Saleh (ex-President of Yemen Ali Abdullah Saleh), Aden,» — said in a statement, the presidential administration.

In July of this year, government forces loyal to Hadi, with the support of the Arab coalition forces managed to dislodge rebels from Aden.

The situation remains unstable in Yemen after the resignation of President Saleh in 2011. In early 2011, the country erupted into mass anti-government protests demanding reforms. During the year, has killed more than two thousand Yemenis. In the end, refused Saleh from power in exchange for judicial immunity. In February 2012, on the basis of early elections, the government officially passed from him to Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi.

The protests began Houthis in Yemen in mid-August 2014. A month later they escalated into clashes with security forces. In January 2015, the Houthis captured the Yemeni capital Sana’a. They dissolved Parliament and forced the government and President to resign. However, the President changed his mind to leave, after moving to the city of Aden. When the rebels began to storm the city, the President fled the country.

Many States condemned the coup in Yemen and the embassies of most foreign States, including the USA, UK, France and Germany, ceased its operation in the country because of fears for the lives of diplomats. Us diplomatic mission in Sanaa was looted after the departure of the employees.

Military operation with the participation of Saudi Arabia and other Persian Gulf countries and Egypt, Jordan and Sudan began on March 26. On 14 April the UN security Council adopted a resolution which prohibits the supply of weapons to rebels-Houthis.

Yemeni oppositionists, or, as they are called, the Houthis, are supporters of the self-proclaimed Imam Ali Hussein al-Houthi, which in may 2004 raised anti-government rebellion. They claim that their goal is the empowerment of the Shia Muslims in predominantly Sunni country.

April 21 operational command of the coalition of Saudi Arabia and other Gulf States announced the completion of the military operation in Yemen. At the same time in Yemen launched another operation, this time peaceful, titled «Restoring hope», which will aim at the normalization of life in the country and the restoration of local government. Now the coalition focuses on security issues and counter terrorism. The country will continue to be ground troops that will guard the state border and to thwart any attempts to destabilize the situation.

3 may, a Sunni coalition began a ground operation in Yemen.

May 25, in southern Yemen’s self-defense forces, loyal to the Central government managed to oust the rebels-Houthis from the city of Dalea.

In Yemen six months later, the President returned 24.09.2015

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