In Vinnytsia the row over the illegally installed cross on the square of Heavenly Hundreds

Vinnitsa priests and the authorities had made a sharp statement in connection with unauthorized installation of community activists in Vinnitsa on the square of Heavenly Hundred of the cross in honor of fallen heroes. About it reports UKRINFORM.

Symbolic memorial cross community activists mounted Thursday, February 17, near the so-called «Maidan’s Christmas tree» — a pyramidal structure, covered with a banner with images of fallen heroes of the Heavenly hundred and the ATO fighters. The flight was timed to the Day of the Heavenly hundred Heroes and the memorial service for him, which was planned for Thursday.

«Already two years have passed since the tragic events of February in Kiev. Vinnytsia oblast there lost four. Lie and over one hundred and fifty townspeople who died in the ATO. These people deserve their memory and veneration. Therefore, social activists, volunteers – we’ve decided to commemorate all those who prayed for informal meeting, arrange a memorial service. We are also at the expense of the community decided to restore Vinnytsia «Maidan Christmas tree» — design, where people post photos of the lost Maidan protesters and the guys from the ATO. It is such a popular alternative to the official monument to the fallen. Also next to the «Christmas tree» set a symbolic wooden cross,» — said social activist-co-coordinator of the action Valery Dmitruk.

According to him, a memorial service for the fallen heroes on Thursday were to serve the priests of the UOC-KP and the UGCC. However such action have overreacted Council of Churches and religious organizations of Vinnytsia region.

On the website of the Vinnytsia regional state administration about a petition, in which the clergy are urged not to use religious symbols in political and social shares.
The authors believe that the cross is «only as a symbol of political activity and daring of the thought of groups of people, based on the fact that no one can raise a hand to remove the cross.» They encouraged the organizers to judgment and sober assessment of their actions, and urged not to use the cross and other religious symbols in actions that are not associated with religion and do not have the support of representatives of Christian Churches.

«We don’t know who blessed the cross and we unanimously affirm that our clergy not to consecrate it», — the statement says.

Council of Churches stated that this action has no support from any of the Orthodox denominations, and the Roman Catholic and Greek Catholic Churches. Signed the appeal of the representatives of the Roman Catholic Church, the UOC-MP, UOC KP , UAOC and the UGCC.

In Vinnytsia the row over the illegally installed cross on the square of Heavenly Hundreds 19.02.2016

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