In Uzhgorod lights of the Department store «Ukraine»

In Uzhgorod on Monday morning, February 1, on fire building, which is the Department store «Ukraine», officially reported on the website of Uzhgorod city Council on Facebook.

«Eyewitnesses reported a powerful fire in Uzhgorod — lit Department store «Ukraine». At the scene rescuers work,» — said in information.

Also this post attached several photographs showing large clouds of smoke around the Department store.

However, as reports the local Internet edition «Carpathian lens», on a scene there arrived the staff of the Uzhgorod police Department, patrol police and firefighters. Several fire trucks who arrived at the scene of the fire and proceeded to extinguish the fire.

«Clouds of smoke come out from all sides of the building Department. In the place of approaching fire trucks», — reports the edition and notes that the causes of the fire are not yet known. On site works investigative team, which explains the circumstances of the fire.

Employees of the State service of Ukraine on emergencies in Transcarpathian region as of Monday 10.00 continue the localization of the fire in the shopping center «Ukraine» in Uzhgorod.

«As of 10.00 continued localization of fire: burning warehouses and commercial space on the first floor, the approximate fire area makes about 600 sq. m. To extinguish the fire attracted 70 people of staff and 12 units of equipment from SSES of Ukraine in Transcarpathian region», — said the press service SSES, announced on Monday.

In the SSES noted that a report of a fire located on the square Cyril and Methodius, 3 the Mall he entered the Service of rescue «101» in 8.20 Monday.

In Uzhgorod lights of the Department store «Ukraine» 01.02.2016

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