In Uzhgorod, a man pelted police with Molotov cocktails. VIDEO

In Uzhgorod, a man was thrown at the police some bottles of «Molotov cocktail». Video of the incident in Facebook has published a press-service of the patrol police of Uzhgorod.

August 17, at 10:50, Uzhgorod, patrol received a call on the street, Vladimir. The report said that the unknown citizen prevents activities of workers Zakarpatgas.

At the scene the police were waiting for the Complainant, who reported that a resident of one of the houses, blocking the road, lets.

The offender was 48-year-old resident of suburban homes. On the demand to stop the offence the man did not react, but began to use pre-prepared improvised explosive devices «Molotov cocktail». Flammable mixture a citizen was set on fire and thrown toward the patrol and employees of Zakarpatgaz.

Police immediately responded and detained the offender, applying to it special means.

At the scene, the patrol has caused is investigative-task force. The man was taken to the police station, before conducting the examination for alcohol content in the blood. The test was negative. His actions justify a man could not. The case involved investigators.

Earlier in Kiev 5 police with truncheons and gas tamed Olympic champion in wrestling.

In Uzhgorod, a man pelted police with Molotov cocktails. VIDEO 18.08.2016

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