In Ukraine will create an interagency subgrupo on return of cultural values

On the basis of the Ministry of culture will be formed an interagency working group for the investigation of cultural values in Ukraine and beyond its borders, the return of cultural property to the country and the rapid exchange of information on cultural values declared in the national and international search.

As reported on the government portal, the decision was taken on Friday 20 Jan at the interdepartmental meeting chaired by the Deputy Minister of culture Tamara Mazur.

It was decided to hold meetings of raggruppa at least once a quarter.

«To the Ministry of culture repeatedly addressed persons authorized to issue permits for the export of cultural goods outside the territory of Ukraine, and experts engaged in the examination of cultural values, with the question of the procedure if the examination or the execution of a Certificate comes to an object, which may (in some sense) can be stolen, wanted, or having the mark of museums, libraries, etc. To handle such situations we propose to consider possible options and to develop a common algorithm of actions in the cases with the involvement of all stakeholders,» said Mazur.

During the meeting there were discussed issues of procedure of relevant bodies in case of detection outside of Ukraine cultural values, including wanted, the Registers declared in national and international investigation of cultural values, the legal regulation of investigation of stolen property by law enforcement agencies.

Note that in December 2016, the Pechersk district court of Kyiv seized the Museum exhibits of the exhibition «Crimea – Golden island in the Black sea», located in the Allard Pierson Museum University of Amsterdam (the Netherlands), Interpol was deposited documents for the announcement of the arrested property on the international wanted list.

In Ukraine will create an interagency subgrupo on return of cultural values 21.01.2017

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