In Ukraine were «looking» of times of Yanukovych

Ivan Avramov, during which Viktor Yanukovych has generated large financial flows returned to Ukraine.

This writes the chief editor of «Censor.NO» Yury Butusov in Facebook.

«Ivan Ivanovich» Avramov in Ukraine — as a symbol of impunity an organized criminal group of Yanukovych. According to sources «Censor.NO,» has returned to Ukraine one of the most odious «looking» Yanukovych, who still is wanted. He was the «chief shamika» main presidential «looking», the collector of all the shady financial schemes that are built by «family» in those industries where Yanukovych has overcome the forces of financial flows of criminal groups,» he said.

The journalist noted that Avramov together with another figure of the era Yanukovych — Yury Ivanyushchenko — are the real «authorities» with their status in the criminal world, and to solve their issues they have attracted mercenary gangs that did not stop at any tyranny. He called them «symbols of the gangster economy of Yanukovych».

Thus, according to Butusov, «Ivanyushchenko fell under the EU sanctions he wanted in Ukraine. But Avramov is not wanted. To him no complaints».

His office on Rylsky lane Ivanyushchenko and Avramov called «office». «In this «office» with all the parties drove businessmen, who were working in energy, vodka, alcohol, trade, import and export, transport and agriculture. Most impressive — a string of government Ministers, heads of law enforcement bodies», — Butusov notes.

Earlier it was reported that Russia has returned to Ukraine’s former interior Ministry General Oleksiy Krykun, which during the Maidan was the head of the Ministry Vitaly Zakharchenko and were accommodated in the sanatorium «Berkut».

In Ukraine were «looking» of times of Yanukovych 03.02.2016

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