In Ukraine we celebrate the birthday of the prominent poet Vasyl Symonenko

Today, January 8, in Ukraine celebrate day of birth of the outstanding Ukrainian poet Vasyl Symonenko (1935 — 1963 gg).

Vasyl Symonenko was born in the village of Bieuzy Lubny district Poltava region January 8, 1935 Growing up without a father, his mother worked on the farm. During 1942-1952. the future poet studied at the school. In 1952 he finished with gold medal secondary school in Tarandyntsi, he entered the faculty of journalism of the Kyiv University named after Shevchenko. Attended literary Studio of Vasyl Chumak (HRS).

In 1957 — 1960 he worked in the newspaper «Cherkasky truth», then, in 1960 — 1963 in the newspaper «Youth of Cherkasy region», the own correspondent of «Working papers», and also was engaged in literary work.

In 1962, Vasyl Symonenko became a member of the Union of writers. Planned to appear in the Institute of literature, Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, came his only lifetime collection «Silence and thunder».

The collection «Silence and thunder» was written under the influence of the «Khrushchev thaw» and favorably received by the critics and readers.

Together with other talented representatives of Ukrainian youth Vasyl Symonenko participated in the work of the creative youth Club, travels to Ukraine, communicating with peers.

The poet then working in the Commission involved in the investigation of mass executions in the dungeons of the NKVD. Falls under the supervision of the KGB. In the summer of 1962, the police arrested and severely beat him. His works refused to print, friends turned away.

In the fall of 1962 Symonenko began writing a diary «Ochric meditations».

In 1963 came the tale «King Crybaby and Locaton» In early September, 1963, went to the hospital, because after the beating he suffered pain, was diagnosed with kidney cancer.

The 13th of December in 1963 the poet died in the hospital in Cherkasy (according to the official version, from cancer), buried in Cherkassy. The poet lived only 28 years.

Even after death, the KGB continued to monitor the work of the poet.

In 1964, the year released a posthumous collection of «force of gravity» (the book was nominated for the State prize of the USSR them. Shevchenko in 1965 (posthumously), but the winner that year was Mykola Bazhan). It’s been 15 years of official neglect of the poet and in 1981 there was a book chosen «Swans of motherhood» with introduction by Oles Gonchar.

Vasyl Symonenko was posthumously awarded the State prize of Ukraine named after Shevchenko in 1995-m to year.

Earlier, the Ukrainian group «Belaya Vezha» presented video for the song «Virostek ti, sin». Text of the song became a classic poem Ukrainian Vasyl Symonenko.

In Ukraine we celebrate the birthday of the prominent poet Vasyl Symonenko 08.01.2017

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