In Ukraine there will be the post of the Prosecutor of football

In Ukraine there will be post football Prosecutor, who will investigate match-fixing.

This was stated by the President of the football Federation of Ukraine Andriy Pavelko, commenting on the resonance of the game First League, «Illichivets» — «Gornyak-Sport» that had all the signs of a fixed match, reports

«This is the Committee of ethics and fair play, there are bodies of football justice, and official bodies of the investigation. Soon we will introduce and call system football prosecutors. I announced that we need a Prosecutor General in the field of football justice, and we need the man who will lead the responsibility in a contractual or corruption in football,» said Pavelko.

According to him, it is necessary to start to operate the law on the fight against match-fixing.

«The law does not itself act in the state where you want justice. Preferences of the law in the first place, necessary and fair trials and punishment. To any action against the laws of Ukraine have been stopped.

This law will provide the first opportunity to punish people for match-fixing, bribery of judges, commands, and so on. It all has to bear criminal liability.

This law allows you to carry not only a direct punishment, but a preventive measure to work with young players, youth teams, to prevent similar antifootball actions, » said Pavelko.

Recall that the «Gornyak-Sport» already dissolve command on suspicion of match-fixing.

In Ukraine there will be the post of the Prosecutor of football 22.11.2016

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