In Ukraine there is a radio with only Ukrainian broadcasting

In Kiev presented a new radio station — with only the Ukrainian broadcasting and transparent editorial policy.

Press conference on the subject held in UKRINFORM.

«To say today that we want to make Ukrainian product, is not enough. We want to make Ukrainian-language relevant, creative product, filled with what today can cause resonance. Any attempt to capitalize on Ukrainian music was not successful, and many of my colleagues have switched to other content, because they’re just more money received», — said the singer and composer, winner of the song contest «Eurovision-2004» Ruslana Lyzhychko.

In turn, her husband and producer, founder of the Studio «Luxen» Aleksandr Ksenofontov noted that the new radio is an attempt nekotnei of Ukrainization.

«Program content — all this will ukrainotsentrichnaya. There will be no aggression, we will not impose. It’s not quotas, it is our response to the quotas. Quotas are restrictions, limitations, what causes the resistance. What we do, should not cause resistance because it is affectionate, very constructive Ukrainization», — he said.

One of the organizers of the project, the founder and ideologist of the radio «Lvivska Hvylya» Yuri Zoellick said that the founders put before themselves a rather ambitious goal — to make popular throughout Ukraine.

«National FM network in Ukraine, as a rule, faced with the problem of popularity from West to East and from East to West with a few exceptions. If some network popular in the East, in the West — not very much, and Vice versa. This is due to the fact that the priorities of students in Frankivsk and Lviv are different, perhaps slightly, but in Kharkiv, Poltava and Lviv, they differ fundamentally. One of our jobs is to balance interests and priorities in different regions. We will try to do radio, which will be popular in all regions of Ukraine — from Odessa to Lviv and Uzhgorod, inclusive. Not an easy task, but approaches to its solution exist,» — said Zoellick.

Simultaneously, the author and implementer of projects radio «Yutar», «Star FM», «Star TV», «Weather TV» Yury Lyashchenko said the organizers of the project plan to obtain funding for the project.

«We look forward to a wide Internet audience abroad and accordingly plan to monetize. We count on the support of Diaspora donors. This project is not purely entertainment. It is important for Ukraine», — he said.

According to him, the organizers already have a draft of the new radio at the checkpoints on the demarcation line. Further, the organizers plan to cover the «separatist» signals on the Ukrainian territory.

«We have developed a draft interim broadcasting in the area of ATO. In particular, the project is a low-power FM broadcasting on the KPVV. The idea of this project is to small transmitters to cover the locations of the transmission — it’s no secret that there is a long queue. In principle, we have worked out all technical issues on PPC «Russian Federation», which is now moved to the «Mallorcan». We also have a broadcasting project in the occupied Donetsk and Luhansk frequencies to cover the separatist signals on the Ukrainian territory», added Liashenko.

As noted by the organizers, for transparency of the editorial policy will create a Supervisory Board «without politicians». It will include journalists, public figures, representatives of show business and the arts. Their names are not yet known.

Recall that since 6 October in Ukraine comes into force a law №1421-VIII «On amendments to some laws of Ukraine concerning the proportion of musical works in the state language in the programmes of the broadcasters».

According to the law broadcasting institutions in the implementation of the radio needs to provide a fraction of the songs in the state language in the amount of not less than 35% of the total amount of songs distributed throughout the day, and not less than 35% of the total amount of songs distributed each time between 7.00 and 14.00 h and between 15.00 and 22.00.

In Ukraine there is a radio with only Ukrainian broadcasting 04.11.2016

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