In Ukraine, the demand for cars increased by 40%

In January-November of the current year in Ukraine the first room received 57 961 new cars. It is reported by Ukrautoprom Association.

Compared to last year the demand for new cars increased by 41 percent.

In the last month of autumn, the Ukrainians have bought 7 new cars 728, or 50% more than the year before.

Most demand Toyota, cars which chose 851 buyer. The result of the November Toyota sales in 2015 increased by 56%.

Second place went to Renault, whose sales rose by 117% to 844 new cars. Three leaders closes a Skoda with a score of 507 machines and the increase in 2.4 times up to November 2015.

In the fourth place by sales — KIA, the implementation of which 505 auto (+ 167%).

Fifth in the ranking was the Volkswagen car sales of this brand have doubled and amounted to 498 PCs.

Earlier it became known that the Verkhovna Rada the bill No. 5401, which provides for the abolition of VAT from January 1, 2017 — as a result of a lot of products, including cars will drop by 20%.

In Ukraine, the demand for cars increased by 40% 01.12.2016

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