In Ukraine started to prepare a law on cryptocurrencies

The Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on financial policy and banking activity began to prepare the law on cryptocurrency, wrote the Chairman of the Committee, MP from the Radical party Sergey Fishing in Facebook.

«Our IT resources allows Ukraine to become a leader in the development of new financial technologies, and we urgently need the development of a civilized financial market. Also we need financing to Ukraine in the new investment. But today, the cryptocurrency is extremely risky, speculative financial instrument that has no real value other than speculative demand. Therefore, the experience of our bankopada and pyramid schemes behooves us all to protect the interests of the people can massively cheat,» he said.

Fishing added that the Committee held a meeting, which was attended by representatives of the national Bank, Ministry of Finance, other public authorities, market and cryptocurrency experts.

«Collect opinions and suggestions, and will write the draft law,» – wrote the MP.

In Ukraine started to prepare a law on cryptocurrencies 29.09.2017

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