In Ukraine started the new season off-road competitions on a country-cross

In Ukraine started the new season of the Ukrainian Cross-Country 2016 — off-road ATV (ATV) and all-terrain vehicle (UTV).

39 participants of the first stage of the championship of Ukraine on country-cross already bathed their Pets in the mud and forced to run their race for one of the most challenging runs in the country, reports

Just as athletes wait another 6 stages. The nearest one will be held in mid-March in Uman.

The opening of the season off-road competitions took place on 6 February. The 1st stage of the championship kicked off at the aerodrome «Borodianka» (PGT.Borodianka, Kiev region), on FAU licensed the track «Race Pride» is a circular route with a length of 6700 meters range, 64 turns and 10 jumps on each lap.

The championship is held under the auspices of the automobile Federation of Ukraine.

We will remind, in Kharkov together to build the track, specially equipped for carrying out of races on the acceleration, the so-called drag racing. Thus the local authorities decided to legalize race, which are often held on the open road, resulting in loss of life and suffering for the ordinary motorists.

Earlier, Saudi Prince Bandar al-Faisal al-Saud decided to popularize in their country motorsports, which undertook to build the biggest in the middle East track for circuit racing. However, this method has not justified itself, and in Saudi Arabia in 2012, have been strengthened against a variety of lovers of racing cars in the city that has become too popular among young people. But drivers thrill-seekers bored with how crazy the local version of drifting called «hawala» (hagwalah), when a sharp dangerous drifts being made right on a busy roadway or even in the crowd, and the usual riding on two wheels, and Arab daredevils figured out how to complicate their task: they were shown how to change the wheels on the car while he drove.

In Ukraine started the new season off-road competitions on a country-cross 10.02.2016

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