In Ukraine resulted in a new «Lanos»

Sale «ZAZ Lanos» in Ukraine suspended. Now distributors of motor vehicles is not available. And when is unknown. In «UkrAVTO» – the company that owns a ZAZ – said that sales may recover, but not before the second half of 2017, writes «Today».

And the reason that 10 months of 2016 «Lanos» was not produced, there was a sale of part of 2015, which, incidentally, AvtoZAZ worked too, only about six months.

The last time ZAZ, despite the low price, do not sell well. By the end of 2016, none of the models which is going to Zaporozhye, was not included in the ranking of the most popular cars in Ukraine.

However «ZAZ Lanos» is in the TOP 10 cheapest cars in Ukraine. Today, the list of budget cars left other models ZAZ – Sens, Vida and Forza.

Previously, the Association of automobile manufacturers of Ukraine has named the top 10 models of passenger cars, which often chose the Ukrainians in 2016.

In Ukraine resulted in a new «Lanos» 23.01.2017

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