In Ukraine predict a rise in price of fuel – by UAH per liter

Indicative retail price of petrol may rise to 1 UAH per liter.

It is reported by OilNews with reference to «Consulting group A-95», reports

The reason of the price – the devaluation of the hryvnia and the growth of quotations in the fuel market of Europe.

By mid-February, the indicative price of gasoline A-95 can reach 20,13 UAH/l, diesel fuel — UAH 16,05/L. Now the A-95 gasoline on average costs 19,06 UAH/l, diesel fuel — 15,53 UAH/liter.

Earlier, the Ministry of energy and coal industry of Ukraine published the indicative retail prices for fuel. Experts agencies believe that A-92 should cost 19,11 UAH/liter, A-95 — 19,83 USD/l, DT — 15,95 UAH/liter.

In the Ministry also calculated the approximate composition of the different costs in the cost of fuel. So, in a liter of A-92 acquisition costs 7,11 USD. Another UAH 8.48 to go on taxes (4,4 UAH excise tax of 3.01 UAH VAT, UAH 1,07 excise tax on retail sale). 85 cents go to the cost of logistics and 2,67 — sellers as the trade margin.

The price of A-95 includes:

Purchase price — RS 7.5

Taxes — 8,72 UAH

Logistics — UAH 0.87

Margin trading — 2,74 UAH

Purchase price — UAH 5,88

Taxes — 6,05 UAH

Logistics — 0,97 UAH

Trading margin — 3,05 UAH

In Ukraine predict a rise in price of fuel – by UAH per liter 05.02.2016

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