In Ukraine officially started truhtanova additional immunization against poliomyelitis

Today in Ukraine officially started truhtanova additional immunization against poliomyelitis.

As reported on Wednesday, October 21, the press service of the Ministry of health, additional vaccination campaigns have begun simultaneously all over Ukraine and takes place only in those medical institutions where there are fixed or mobile vaccination clinics.

«In order to defeat polio, all children aged 2 months to 6 years in two rounds should be vaccinated against polio with oral polio vaccine (OPV). In the third round will be vaccinated children from 2 months to 10 years», — stated in the message.

The press service noted that children who have not received any polio vaccination, receive the first vaccination of inactivated polio vaccine (IPV) not less than 2 weeks after an inoculation a live, oral vaccine (OPV) through supplementary immunization.

The duration of the first round of OPV vaccination is 3 weeks from 20 October 2015, following two rounds of 2 weeks. The interval between rounds of vaccination with OPV is one month (30 days). The interval between rounds is from the last day of the previous rounds of vaccination with OPV.

According to chief pediatric immunologist of Kyiv Fedor Lapiy, the immunization takes place in each children’s polyclinic, since the vaccine has been delivered in all regions of Ukraine.

«Vaccine OPV has confirmed the profile of quality, safety and efficiency. The OPV vaccine protects against infection with poliovirus of any type, stops the transmission of vaccine-derived poliovirus in the population», — noted immunologist.

Earlier, on 1 September, the Minister of health of Ukraine Alexander Kvitashvili said that in the Transcarpathian region recorded two cases of children with polio. Then the situation was classified as a disease outbreak in the region. On 3 September the Ministry of health stated that the who certified lab confirmed the disease two children in Transcarpathia was caused by a virus derived from the vaccine strain and confirmed the circulation of the virus, in accordance with International health regulations, is equivalent to the polio outbreak.

Later in the Ministry of health reported that mass immunization of children against polio will begin in the Transcarpathian region. Vaccination campaign using oral polio vaccine will be held in three rounds: the first will start in Zakarpattia, Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv regions. In the next two weeks will cover all regions of the country. In the first and second rounds will be vaccinated children under 6 years, in the third round will include children up to 10 years. Immunization should be covered 95% of children in the country.

Poliomyelitis – children’s spinal paralysis, acute, vysokozaraznoe infectious disease caused by lesions of the gray matter of the spinal cord poliovirus and characterized mainly by disorders of the nervous system.

Mostly asymptomatic or obliterated. Sometimes it happens that the poliovirus enters the Central nervous system, multiplies in the motor neurons that leads to their death, irreversible paresis or paralysis of innervated them muscles.

In Ukraine officially started truhtanova additional immunization against poliomyelitis 21.10.2015

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