In Ukraine more than 240 thousand children of immigrants

In Ukraine as of end of January was taken into account over 240 thousand children of internally displaced persons. This is stated in the response of the Department of children’s rights protection and adoption Ministry of social policy of Ukraine to the informational request of UKRINFORM.

«The Ministry of social policy as posted 26.01.2017 1 641 895 internally displaced persons, 1 322 216 families, raising 240 675 children,» — noted in the Ministry.

At the same time, the Ministry informed that as of today in different regions of Ukraine according to operational data service for children of oblast and Kiev city state administrations, recorded 1 440 internally displaced orphans and children deprived of parental care (among them, 874 — from Donetsk region, 511 man — from Lugansk region, 55 people — from the Crimea) and 667 children, who moved without their parents (among them, 438 people from Donetsk region and 229 people — from the Luhansk region).

In the Ministry also added that «the biggest number of internally displaced children, these categories are taken into account in areas: Donetsk — 389; Zaporozhye — 139 people; the Kiev — 305; Luhansk — 154; Odessa — 158 people, Kharkiv — 272 people, Kyiv — 148 man.»

As of October 2016, the Ministry of social policy was taken into account 236 thousand children of immigrants.

Earlier in the Ukraine began a large-scale campaign «You are among friends», designed to help children of immigrants to integrate in the new place of residence.

In Ukraine more than 240 thousand children of immigrants 08.02.2017

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