In Ukraine, more expensive water

The national Commission, carrying out state regulation in energy and utilities, increased tariffs for services of the Central water and wastewater.

The corresponding decision of the national Commission adopted at its meeting on 25 January, reports «Economic truth».

According to the regulator, the tariffs for Central water and wastewater in 2017 will be increased to 54 licensees.

NERC has divided them into two groups: the first group included 36 of the licensees, the rates for which were revised in January and August 2016, the second — 18 companies, the tariffs for which have not been revised for a long time, or not at all installed controller.

So, to licensees of the first group of tariffs on services of centralized water supply and sanitation in 2017 will increase by 9% from 9.86 UAH per cubic meter to 10.76 UAH per cubic meter.

For companies from the second group fares will rise by an average of 37%, from 9.18 UAH per cubic meter to 12.54 UAH per cubic meter.

While NERC has provided in the tariffs for 2017 54 licensees compensation on compensation for the difference between the actual costs for taxes and fees, the purchase of energy and provided for in the approved in 2016 fees in the amount of 98 million, including 11.7 million hryvnia licensees, where rates have not been revised for a long period of time, or established Commission at all.

We will remind, in Ukraine since September 1, 2016, raised electricity tariffs for the population by 25-30% in accordance with the adopted plan of increase of tariffs the national Commission.

In Ukraine, more expensive water 26.01.2017

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