In Ukraine introduced a state prize Hrushevsky

The government adopted the draft law of Ukraine «On amendments to article 11 of the law of Ukraine «On state awards of Ukraine», adding to it the State award of Ukraine named after Mykhajlo Hrushevsky – for the best scientific and popular scientific editions on the history of Ukraine.

The decision was taken at a government meeting on January 18, reports the Government portal.

«Today, in the conditions of the Russian military and information aggression of Ukraine requires careful and coordinated state policy of national memory, aimed at consolidation of society around their historical past, education of the real Ukrainian patriots, capable to counter anti-Ukrainian propaganda. It is therefore particularly acute need to strengthen the authority of the Ukrainian historians, the celebration of government the role of historical science, historical research and popularization. The introduction of the State prize of Ukraine named after Mikhail Grushevsky has the goal of resolving these problems», — said the Minister of culture Yevhen Nyshchuk.

State prize of Ukraine named after Hrushevsky will be awarded in two nominations: for best scholarly and best popular science publication. The size of the monetary part of the award will be determined annually by the President of Ukraine.

It is noted that the introduction of this award will be a real manifestation of government attention to the field of rehabilitation for the preservation of the national memory of the Ukrainian people and will also enhance the prestige of the works on the history of Ukraine, activization of scientific historical research and the creation of a national cultural product of a historical nature, will stimulate increase of quality of scientific and scientific-popular publications on the history of Ukraine.

Mykhailo Hrushevsky, Ukrainian historian, social and political activist, founder of the Ukrainian scientific historiography. In 1917-1918 he held the position of Chairman of the Central Rada of the Ukrainian people’s Republic. Hrushevsky was one of the leaders of Ukrainian national movement, Professor of Lviv University (1894-1914), a member of the Czech Academy of Sciences, academician of the vuan and the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, member of the Scientific society. Of Taras Shevchenko. His main work is the 10-volume «History of Ukraine-Rus'», which contains a summary of the history of Ukraine from ancient times to the second half of the 17th century.

In Ukraine introduced a state prize Hrushevsky 19.01.2017

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