In Ukraine in the spring of 2017 will launch a national service of assistance in quitting Smoking

In Ukraine, tentatively in March 2017 must earn the national service to provide professional assistance in Smoking cessation.

On Thursday 17 November, said project coordinator of the public organization «Life» Kateryna Rymarenko, UNIAN reports.

According to her, at this point, the service only beginning to create.

Rymarenko said that the project is a joint initiative of the Ministry of health and the who country Office in Ukraine, which introduced OO «Life» with the financial support of the Swiss Agency for development and cooperation in the framework of the project «non-communicable diseases: prevention and health promotion in Ukraine».

According to experts, the service of assistance in quitting Smoking is a system consisting of two components: a telephone «hot lines» for smokers and a web site that will host professional information.

«Both of these components will be integrated into a single system with the help of modern technology. And this will not only provide quality care to smokers who will access this service but also and help to get information about the real needs and wishes of smokers and, respectively, to configure the system so that it fully these wishes and expectations meet,» said Rymarenko, expressing the hope that thus the adjusted service will quickly give the expected results.

«We orientirueshsya that in the second half of March we’ll be ready to start the service for user access. That is pre-set such deadlines,» Rymarenko said.

As noted by the expert on non-communicable diseases of the who Office in Ukraine, Natalia King, who treats tobacco use as a disease.

According to released at a press conference, according to the research, today in Ukraine are smokers 24% of the adult population, of which 42% were male and 9% female. Among those who smoked, 12% were adolescents aged 15-17 years.

King said that the establishment of a «hotline» to help the Ukrainians in their desire to quit Smoking is a significant and recent step in the implementation of the who strategy to overcome the «tobacco epidemic», but the latest step in the development of public health as the project focused on prevention rather than on treatment of disease.

She stressed the importance of awareness among primary care physicians about the work of the created service.

«Because you can recommend that smokers will do anything to not to talk to psychologists and not to use this line,» she explained.

Therefore, she said, will be organized in 7 regions of Ukraine special courses for physicians, which will teach you how to talk to smokers and to refer to the service.

«The service has attracted the latest technology used in the neighbouring countries and in overseas countries. In particular, Japan is very developed this service. And, of course, we will see the connection very quickly. After a year we will see the connection and in use, and the incidence of acute cardiac and respiratory diseases», — said the representative of the who Office in Ukraine.

As was also noted at the press conference, still only 2% of those who had tried to quit Smoking, received advice or help of a doctor, and it is predominantly smokers of older age with chronic diseases caused by tobacco use. According to research, 68% of adult Ukrainians would like to get rid of nicotine addiction, 40.5% of smokers tried to quit, but only 6.7% were able to do it.

Therefore, according to Rymarenko, professional assistance in quitting Smoking is quite relevant to Ukrainian smokers.

Chief doctor of the Kyiv city health center Otto rack said that to quit Smoking is not too late at any age and in any condition and diseases, as nicotine dependence is one of the major risk factors for many deadly diseases that afflict and cripple people. He stressed that quitting Smoking has a huge positive impact both for the smoker and for society as a whole.

«Today we finally came to the understanding that the disease is easier to prevent than to treat. Assistance to smokers in Smoking cessation is an important contribution to the prevention of various diseases. If the smoker will have access to professional help, it will increase his chances to stop Smoking. Therefore, the development service is extremely important, and the Ministry of health welcomes such initiatives,» — said the chief specialist of Department of coordination with other Central Executive authorities and ministries of the Department of public health, Ministry of health Oleg Dudin.

Rymarenko explained that after a full launch of the service and establish its effective work of the NGO «Life» implies to transmit it to the Ministry of health, and is now in negotiation with the Department.

As previously reported, lawmakers want to tighten the rules against Smoking in public places. So, ban Smoking in public places could spread to train stations, taxis, hostels, hotels, premises of enterprises and organizations of all forms of ownership. The authors of the bill also propose to increase the penalty for Smoking in prohibited places with a 3-10 to 20 non-taxable minimum incomes of citizens.

In Ukraine in the spring of 2017 will launch a national service of assistance in quitting Smoking 17.11.2016

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