In Ukraine in recent weeks, «closed» 128 thousand private entrepreneurs

In Ukraine, the number of private entrepreneurs has decreased by 128,402 thousand.

This is evidenced by the data service monitoring of registration data of Ukrainian companies OpenDataBot.

As noted, since the end of December is constantly decreasing, the number of registered private entrepreneurs.

The mass closure of individual entrepreneurs is carried out in every region of Ukraine. Most in Kyiv (17176), Kharkiv (12390) and Dnipropetrovsk (11196) region.

More entrepreneurs are closing the retail (43275) and wholesale (8931) trade, warehousing (10798) and transport services (7040).

Recall, 27 December, President Petro Poroshenko signed amendments to the law on the work of individuals-entrepreneurs.

Under the new rules, from January 1, a separate category of FOP, in particular the second and third groups will be forced to pay a single social contribution 704 hryvnias a month, even if you temporarily have no profit.

Previously, the PE, when a period had a profit, then pay 5% tax and ERUs. If the movement of funds was not to pay was not necessary.

So many entrepreneurs are kept open Fopi, and pay taxes only when I had a real income.

Innovation even before the action has led to mass closure of FLP by people who used them constantly — the so-called «sleeping FLP».

In Ukraine in recent weeks, «closed» 128 thousand private entrepreneurs 06.01.2017

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