In Ukraine he created his first cartoon UPA

In Ivano-Frankivsk presented the first Ukrainian cartoon about the UPA «Soldiers of the forest,» reports TV channel «24».

The action takes place in the picturesque village of dzembronya where the peaceful and measured life of Hutsuls break tips. According to intelligence reports, the latter going to cut down the local forest.

The protection of native Carpathians be the UPA. Because the forces are unequal, the highlanders find a clever solution how to get even with enemies. One of them, by the way, no coincidence that the name is Putler.

At the core of the movie – the UPA’s struggle against terror Moscow invaders. But there is also the subtext when talking about modern crimes.

«I wanted to make this parallel. Those who steal the woods, the «our» – they are no better than the Russian, who once plundered our villages, the house,» said one of the characters in the cartoon.

Author Bogdan, Savluk the main characters were created. All the natural scenery, and special effects are kept to a minimum. The survey was time-lapse.

The soundtrack for the cartoon was prepared by the Ukrainian musician Taras Zhytynsky.

«I, as a Ukrainian, the Ukrainian road a thought, an idea very close. The more my parents fought in the Ukrainian insurgent army. And here’s a cartoon. I liked it, and I sang», – said the musician.

You can watch the film online. And its creators are already thinking about shooting a new picture. However, its details are kept secret.

We will remind, in October in rolling out the first Ukrainian 3D — animated film «Nikita the Tanner».

In Ukraine he created his first cartoon UPA 25.10.2016

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