In Ukraine from 2018 can create a new Inspectorate to monitor the lifestyle of the citizens

In Ukraine from 1 January 2018, you may receive another Supervisory authority in the provision of social services and state social benefits.

On Wednesday 1 February, reports «RBC-Ukraine».

Now we are talking about the creation of the social inspection in the new format with the right monitoring way of life of individuals, the study of household conditions of families with access to databases of government agencies and government enterprises.

Plans for the establishment of the Supervisory authority appeared after the launch of the Ministry of Finance for verification procedures, which the Ministry estimated at 100 million hryvnia.

It is reported that the new division Ministry of social policy will identify offenders among both beneficiaries and potential applicants for state aid, and among officials.

At the Cabinet meeting was adopted the corresponding bill.

Note that a similar document had already been submitted to Parliament by the government of Arseniy Yatsenyuk in February 2016, but was recalled by the new Cabinet of Vladimir Groisman. The main innovation of the document that powers of inspectors will now be defined at the level of the law, and they will have the right to check the local bodies of social protection, which they now controlled.

«Who today checks inspectors from the point of view of correctness of purpose of the help and subsidies? No. He is his own God and boss, — said the Minister sotspolitiki Andrey Reva. — The Prosecutor’s office has General oversight, state financial inspection on the use of money looks, but how is a help, no one knows. So it should be a professional structure that will take and will check the correctness or incorrectness of application of a particular rule. No cancel verification. Verification is outside control. And internal no. I, as Minister, am interested to know what is happening in my field.»

As explained in the government, the verification procedure will continue in the future, duplication of mandates between the Ministry of Finance and satisfactoryto will not be here.

«Matinspector. To explore the «lifestyle», that is, that by means of verification in no way to see on electronic systems», — said the interlocutor of the edition.

If this bill is passed, the budget will be additionally paid 20 million dollars. It is a condition of the loan agreement between Ukraine and the International Bank for reconstruction and development.

We will remind, the Cabinet was told, when Ukraine can raise the retirement age.

In Ukraine from 2018 can create a new Inspectorate to monitor the lifestyle of the citizens 02.02.2017

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