In Ukraine found another stolen from a Dutch Museum painting

The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Kiev on may 30 brought the painting is unknown, 1784 authorship Isaac Batera (AC Ouwater), called Nieuwstraat in Hoorn.

About it reports «gromadske».

«Most likely, it is one of those works that were stolen from the Museum of Western Frislandia Dutch town of Hoorn on the night of January 10, 2005», – the newspaper writes.

Referring to the sources «<url>» adds that the man received this picture as a gift a few years ago and the whole time she was at his house. Two weeks ago, he brought the painting to the art, to obtain professional advice regarding the authorship, value, and artistic value of this work.

It was during such consultation, the critic found out and informed the owner that the painting belongs to the kidnapped ten years ago, the collection, after which he decided to return to his owners.

Now the picture is in very poor condition and in need of restoration, the publication adds.

Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Kiev plans to hold a speedy examination of the authenticity of the painting. Now employees of diplomatic structures prepare the relevant appeal to the Ukrainian and Dutch law enforcement agencies. If the examination confirms that the painting actually belongs to the stolen collection of Hoorn, this artwork will be the fifth, was found in Ukraine.

Recall, April 14, in SBU reported the discovery of four paintings that were stolen in January 2005 from a Dutch Museum.


On the Museum’s website Vestris the Dutch city of Hoorn posted a message with a request to the authorities of Ukraine to help return stolen paintings, for which the volunteer battalion «Holy Mary» supposedly requires 50 million euros.

The report notes that 24 paintings were stolen, and 70 pieces of silver of the XVII and XVIII centuries.

«The municipality of Hoorn was the hope that the paintings and silverware are returned, when last year one of the stolen paintings appeared in one of the Ukrainian sites. In July 2015, two people informed the Dutch Embassy in Kiev that they represent the Ukrainian volunteer battalion. This battalion OUN, said that has a complete collection of stolen paintings,» explained the Museum.

The battalion expressed its willingness to transfer pictures, but under certain conditions, one of which is to involve the Ukrainian government, and also to pay them 50 million euros, according to the Museum.

In the message of the Museum is indicated that informants expert on stolen works of art by Arthur brand, which enter into the negotiations, called by two names — the leader of «Svoboda» Oleg Tyagnybok and the former head of the SBU Valentin Nalyvaychenko.

8 December 2015 the Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin said that on the issue of stolen from a Dutch Museum paintings, the work of the MFA of Ukraine and Embassy of Ukraine in the Netherlands, as well as MIA.

In Ukraine found another stolen from a Dutch Museum painting 30.05.2016

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