In Ukraine for 25 years banned the hunting of elk

The Minister of ecology and natural resources of Ukraine Ostap Semerak said in Facebook that in Ukraine since February 3, entered into force a moratorium of hunting elk.

«From today, the hunting of these animals during the next 25 years on the territory of Ukraine is prohibited. Just signed the corresponding order,» wrote Semerak.

The Minister noted that the order provides for a ban to hunt the moose European (Alces Alces) on the territory of Ukraine for 25 years, obliges the State ecological Inspectorate to supervise compliance with this prohibition, and also includes the development of programs of reproduction of European populations of moose.

«Frankly, with the moratorium we were late 20-30 years. Recent developments with a bloody hunting in Chernihiv, where suffered a whole herd, and in General, the increase of such messages from the citizens of steel extreme warning signal that nowhere to pull. Now, according to various estimates, the population of moose in Ukraine has from 2 to 6 thousand individuals. Whereas in Belarus and Poland, about 30 thousand. By the way, Poland also at one time suffered a similar history with the mass shooting of these animals. In 2001 there was a moratorium, and populations of moose in that time has grown several times», – said the Minister.

In Ukraine for 25 years banned the hunting of elk 04.02.2017

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