In Ukraine, every year dogs kill up to 10 people. Fine owners — 85 UAH

In January Ukraine has stirred up two cases of death, which killed a shepherd. In both incidents, the men attacked the pack of German shepherds who were trained to protect the territory. In both incidents, the result, obviously, will end with the neutral phrase «accident». Animals destroyed. Well, their masters, at best, recognize a little guilty. This is stated in the plot of TSN.Week.

Often the only responsibility for the damage caused by fighting dogs to people — it’s just an administrative fine of 85 hryvnias. And then through the courts.

The last two are the death of people from dog bites have several things in common. The animal psychology Sergei Klochko says that shepherd needs to learn to harm people. German shepherd sometimes learn to bite the man a few months. Bite these dogs are taught, but to know its own territory — no. So they attacked out of the yard. In addition, the animals were taught to attack humans.

In both cases, a terrible tragedy was preceded by other attacks by the same dogs. In a village near Brovary it was already the fourth case when the dog escaped from the yard and attacked people. But in both cases did not react neither the police nor other authorities.

In Germany, the strict conditions of the maintenance of dogs and penalties for the requirements. The dog needs to pay tax, but problems can arise as soon as the dog appears on the street without a leash and a muzzle. Also dog owners must have a special certificate that confirms that the owner knows how to handle animals, and it listens and executes the commands.

But that’s not all. After 2010, the Terriers in Thuringia, and killed a little girl, in all German länder have adopted their own laws on dangerous breeds of dogs. The list-based — Staffordshire Terrier, bull Terrier and pit bull Terrier. However, each land can make to the list of dangerous breeds of large dogs. These dogs cannot be purchased without special permits and certificates, adult owners have them spayed.

If any incident with the dog meets the owner, therefore, as a rule, they draw on their Pets special insurance — to half a million euros. After the introduction of strict laws and mandatory registration of dogs, the number of severe and fatal cases, with their participation reduced to a few per year. In Ukraine there is a law that allows you to penalize the human for 85 UAH walking his dog without a muzzle.

However, the control of no one wants to do, says Alexei Svyatogor . He calls himself a medic, but the other telling the truth that he was a dog hunter. The band admits that poisons dogs. For that he burned the car, regularly beaten, but this week in the mailbox of his brother exploded grenade. Broken laws and lack of accountability cause hatred and lynching. The hunters killing the dogs. The owners of the dogs hunt the hunters. Government, as always, have withdrawn.

In the registry of judicial decisions on the key word «dog» — hundreds of decisions on administrative penalty. Among them, only a few criminal convictions. Eight years ago in Kiev, a dog bitten to death by a little girl. TSN sought out the mother of the deceased child. The woman refused to speak on camera. However, behind the scenes said that no court decision will not bring back her daughter. She continues to walk past the ill-fated house where still live the former owners of the dog-killer. They don’t say — I have nothing to say.

Every year in Ukraine dogs killed up to a dozen people. However, a dog is the only weapon in the hands of the owner. Legal and sometimes lethal. Firearms owners — on the hard accounting of the state. Owners military, guard and police dogs are still not monitored. The lack of sponsors further deaths.

To limit the sale of large dogs, enter the special permit and mandatory insurance — it could save someone’s life. And it is all a question of the new law and duties to perform.

In Ukraine, every year dogs kill up to 10 people. Fine owners — 85 UAH 16.01.2017

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