In Ukraine can expand the list of requirements for transportation by taxi

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine may expand the list of requirements to motor carriers that provide transportation services by taxi.

The corresponding bill «On amendments to some legislative acts concerning the settlement of the taxi, cars on order and the information-dispatching services» registered 15 September in the Verkhovna Rada the people’s deputies Andrey Gordeev, Andrey Vadatursky (PPB) and Oleg Medunitsa (people’s front).

According to the explanatory note to the document, the number of persons involved in the taxis in Ukraine is about 200 thousand, and about the same number make of vehicle used during the journey. The cash turnover of specified services provision market in the country is more than 20 billion USD a year.

«However, it should be noted that about 85% of participants of the market of transport by taxi in Ukraine carry out their activities outside the legal field. In addition, the number of informational-dispatching services, whose activities in most cases inextricably linked with the taxi, only 10% registered in the procedure prescribed by law as business entities that provide relevant services», — stated in it.

As a result of this situation, the budgets of different levels not receive (or not receive) the appropriate tax payments, a significant number of workers officially unemployed, violated the requirements of transport safety, the consumer does not receive services of adequate quality, and so on.

In view of this, the document was developed with the purpose of streamlining business activities in the field of transportation by taxi, cars on order information and dispatch services, the introduction of government regulation, which will allow to create in this area a transparent competitive environment and ensuring the compliance of all participants of this sector of the economy legal requirements.

With the aim of achieving proposed: to Supplement legislation with new concepts, in particular, «the organizer of transportations by a taxi», «the information-dispatching service» and «transportation», to improve the existing definition of «taxi» and «taxi»; to entrust the organization of transportations on a taxi to the local authorities in respective localities and at airports with international status, and outside of human settlements, local government bodies that represent common interests of territorial communities of villages, settlements, cities (the relevant regional councils).

It is also proposed to provide an opportunity for the organisers to impose additional requirements to motor carriers, car self-employed carriers transporting passengers by taxi drivers, information and dispatch services, including, according to their visual characteristics, technical equipment requirements; identify the basic principles of informational-dispatching services of taxi; Supplement the list of documents based on which run passenger transport, agreement on information and control service (in some cases) and proof of passenger insurance and civil liability.

In addition, it is proposed to increase the size of penalties for violation of legislation on transportation by taxi and cars upon request; implement more effective controls than the existing – control purchase.

As reported, the Ministry of infrastructure of Ukraine in 2013 has proposed to tighten control over the functioning of the domestic market of taxi services, by elaborating a relevant draft law «on transportation by taxi».

He envisioned the creation of transparent system of work in the market of taxi services; the regulatory settlement, harmonization and systemic improvement of procedures for issuing permits for the transportation of passengers and/or Luggage by taxi; issuance of a permit for transportation by taxi, issuance of work permit IDS, the sharing of one license card for one taxi permit.

In addition, the document included the definition of clear requirements to the car-taxi, taximeter equipment and banking terminals; determining a standard contract between IDS and car carrier by taxi; creation of registers of permits taxi permits and IDS; the mandatory formation of a network of taxi ranks; the definition of clear requirements of safety of the driver and passengers of taxis, as well as a number of other standards, including penalties. However, the bill was never adopted.

In Ukraine can expand the list of requirements for transportation by taxi 24.09.2015

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