In Ukraine can enter 12-year-old school — Ministry of education

The Ministry of education proposes to introduce in Ukraine a 12-year school. This is stated in the new draft law on education, said the first Deputy Minister of education Inna Sovsun during a speech in the Parliament, Ukrainska Pravda reports.

She noted that on Thursday, February 18, a new draft law on education was sent for repeated first reading in the Committee.

Preparation for the EIT-2016 goes according to plan, but the necessary funds to pay teachers involved, — Sovsun

«The innovation that causes the most discussion, but we are convinced it is the introduction of 12-year school. We are ready to show that if we move in the direction of Europe, if you look at the European experience, our 11-year-old’s school raises questions. We need to extend the period of schooling,» said the Deputy Minister.

In her opinion, this will reduce the burden on students and give them the right of choice of subjects in high school.

It also announced the intention to implement independent certification of teachers.

«It is assumed that independent certification, which is voluntary, will entitle to a monthly wage Supplement. That is, those teachers who agree to undergo voluntary certification to prove their high level of training, may be eligible for additional wage increase», — she told about another innovation of the education act.

Earlier, the Minister of education and science Serhiy Kvit spoke about reform school.

«MES actively works on the legal framework of education and science. In recent years funding for education and science has increased. In particular, in comparison with 2013, funds for scientific studies that are performed in the management of PWS, increased by 40%. State order for higher educational institutions increased by 17%, and for colleges and technical schools — 38%. Educational grants for schools was increased by almost a billion hryvnia, and the financing of the EIT — 16%, helping to re-equip the Ukrainian center of evaluation of quality of education and successfully prepare for new admissions,» the statement reads.

We will remind, earlier Kvit has stated that in 2016, Ukraine will switch to 12-year secondary education.

Preparation for the EIT-2016 goes according to plan, but the necessary funds to pay teachers involved, — Sovsun

Inna Sovsun reported that the preparation for this external assessment continues according to plan, but the necessary funds to pay teachers involved As UNIAN reports, she said this during an Hours of questions to the government in Parliament.

«To date, the EIT-2016 was released on a normal training plan. That is, according to the approved calendar plan, we now fit into those terms that were defined,» said Sovsun.

She recalled that on 1 February registration began for passing the EIT, and on that date had already been agreed and prepared relevant legal framework.

In addition, it restored the software needed for the EIT.

«Read the information that were seized servers, software. We worked with the investigation in order that client and server software has been returned to the Ukrainian center for educational quality assessment – ed.), launched the registration system this year,» said Sovsun.

However, she said, despite an increase of 16% funding of the centre, the Ministry of education is still not enough money to pay the people involved.

«To conducting the EIT attracted thousands of teachers, teachers all over Ukraine, who are directly in the classrooms and the classroom. And directly administering external independent testing. And separately, where there are open clusters, they check the job,» said Sovsun.

She stressed that these experts should also get a decent compensation for their work.

«We hope that funds will be found», — said the first Deputy Minister.

As reported, the registration for participation in the EIT began on 1 February and will last until 4 March. In 2016 for admission to higher educational institutions, applicants must submit certificates EIT only 2016. Each participant of EIT has the right to take tests and not more than 4 academic subjects. In total, testing will be conducted on 12 subjects. The main session of EIT will be held from 5 may to 17 June, additional — from 14 June to 4 July.

In Ukraine can enter 12-year-old school — Ministry of education 19.02.2016

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