In Ukraine can cancel the celebration of 8 March, 1 and 9 may. Glad to have drafted a bill

The Ukrainian Institute of national remembrance has prepared a bill to repeal Ukraine national holidays, 8 March, 1 and 9 may. In an interview with «Apostrophe» said the Director of the Institute Volodymyr viatrovych.

«I think we should be talking about this public holiday as may 1. Gradually and precisely it is necessary to transfer accent from 9 may to 8 may. Also I am convinced that it is not necessary to make public and festive day on 8 March,» he said.

According to the historian, the Ukrainian Institute of national memory has already developed a draft law «On public holidays in Ukraine».

«In the near future will be put up for public discussion this question. The main task in this direction will, indeed, arrange the holidays, because we have a calendar filled with some kind of new Ukrainian national holidays, and the old Soviet holidays still remain. All this requires a certain ordering. I think that this year the deputies will support our initiative and will accept this law,» — said vyatrovich.

In his opinion, at the state level should be celebrated only the holidays devoted to the events that were crucial and extremely important for Ukraine as a state, for example, independence Day and Constitution Day. «Not any holidays that are left to us in inheritance from the Soviet past,» — said the historian.

Viatrovych reminded what a great victory for Ukraine was the refusal of 23 February.

«This holiday has almost disappeared, and indicator of this is business and Commerce, which are also shifted. That is, 14 Oct brand is gradually replacing what was affected on 23 February. Over time, 14 Oct fully take root, and would be the only day that we remember the defenders of Ukraine, defenders in the broadest sense,» — said the Director of the Institute of national remembrance.

Previously, viatrovych said that the current date of the celebration of Flag Day, August 23, has no historical justification.

As sociologists have found out, what is the favorite holiday of Ukrainians.

In Ukraine can cancel the celebration of 8 March, 1 and 9 may. Glad to have drafted a bill 27.01.2017

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