In Ukraine came a strong cold

On 7 December in Ukraine is expected a significant cooling. Air temperature at night will drop to -14 C, and at the East of the country and is up to -17 C. in the Afternoon columns of thermometers will show -4 C to -10 C in the East to -14 C, according to Ukrgidromettsentr.

In most areas it will snow at night, while by day the weather will be dry and mostly Sunny. The wind is cold, the North-West, 5-12 m/s, in the East gusts up to 15-20 m/s.

In the North the night temperature C -7…-14 C to -16 C, day C…-4 -11 C.

In the West, by day and by night the frost will stay at -3…-8 C C.

In the East the night the temperature will drop to -17 C, the day will be a little warmer than -9 C to -12 C.

In the Central regions of temperatures from -6 C to -14 C, day C…-5 -11 C.

On the South is warmer all – night temperature -3 C to -9 C, day -2…-7 C C.

In Kiev, the thermometers will indicate day -6…-8 C C night C…-11 -13 C. snow at Night, rain, Sunny. On roads ice, a wind of 5-12 m/s.

Earlier, forecasters predicted that the winter 2016 — 2017 Ukraine will be generally warm, but with several periods of drastic cooling that will be changed by warming to positive temperatures.

In Ukraine came a strong cold 07.12.2016

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