In Ukraine and the world rallies against Russian aggression «Stop Putin! Stop the war!»

In Kiev on independence square was held a rally «Stop Putin! Stop the war!». It is reported by the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine on Twitter, the global movement patriots of Ukraine and the organizers in Facebook.

As UNIAN reported earlier, in Kiev the action «Stop Putin! Stop the war!» on independence square was attended by about 100 people. In Odessa, near the stock of the Consulate General of the Russian Federation, launched a campaign «Stop Putin! Stop the war!».

The main goal of the campaign is to draw public attention to the Russian aggression in Ukraine, to show the importance of unity and solidarity with Ukraine, and also to call the whole world to step up pressure on Russia to restore territorial integrity and peace in Ukraine.

According to «Interfax-Ukraine», the Stella of Independence, a small meeting took place in the course of which was Kiev community activists, members of the party «people’s Force», the relatives of the servicemen being held hostage by the militants.

However, the organizers did not provide the opportunity to address the people’s Deputy Nadezhda Savchenko, who was present at the meeting, which aroused the indignation of several of her supporters.

The protesters were holding national flags of Ukraine, flags of the «people’s movement of Ukraine», party «people’s Force», the Crimean Tatar national flag and placards of the slogan of the campaign «#Stop Putin’s War in Ukraine».

Among the main requirements of the activists of the withdrawal from Ukraine of all Russian occupation troops and return back to Russia all weapons and military equipment, strengthening of the OSCE observation mission to the 24 hours a day, seven days a week and admission of the OSCE mission on the part of the Russian-Ukrainian border, which Ukraine is temporarily not in control.

In addition, activists call for release of Ukrainian citizens illegally detained on the territory of Russia and the Crimea on politically motivated and trumped up charges.

In Poland the action was organized movement «Euromaidan Warsaw.» The participants picketed the Russian Embassy and called on the aggressor to end the war in Eastern Ukraine, the withdrawal of foreign troops and the return of the Crimea, reports «Polish radio».

In St. Petersburg, activists staged a «Stop Putin’s war in Ukraine 3.0,» according to the event page on Facebook. The Russians gathered with banners and balloons of yellow and blue. Activist of the movement «SPb Solidarity» came with a sign «For your freedom and ours».

Also, the action took place in Australia and Georgia. Similar events are planned in many cities around the world and Ukraine.

Earlier in the framework of the charitable action «Holidays without dad» in Poland has collected more than 1,500 gifts to the families of those killed and wounded in the ATO zone soldiers.

In Ukraine and the world rallies against Russian aggression «Stop Putin! Stop the war!» 22.01.2017

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