In Ukraine again rose gasoline and diesel fuel

A large chain of petrol stations in Ukraine increased the retail prices of all types of gasoline and diesel fuel.

So, 30 – 31 January prices at the pump networks OKKO and WOG was increased by 50 kopecks/l to 25.99 UAH per liter of A-92; 26,99 UAH/l (A-95); 27,99 UAH/l (95+) and is 23.99 UAH/l (diesel), writes OilNews with reference to the data of «Consulting group A-95».

The price of gasoline of all brands by 50 kopecks/liter grew up in the network of «Azovnefteprodukt plus». At 10-35 liter price of fuel has increased in networks, «Factor», «Katral» and «Tatneft». These changes have led to an increase in average retail prices.

So, petrol A-92 (23 and 65 UAH/l) and 95 (24,40 UAH/l) increased by 12 kopecks./13 liter rose premium brand «fifth» (25,40 UAH/l). The price of diesel fuel increased by 12 kopecks./l, to 21.01. In addition, in the period from 27 to 30 January, the network group «Privat», which is controlled by the gas station «avias» ANP, «Ukrnafta», «Maveks», etc. has increased the price of all fuels by 50 kopecks/liter.

Recall the previous price spike occurred at the end of December 2016.

In Ukraine again rose gasoline and diesel fuel 01.02.2017

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