In Turkey, the rally of supporters of the opposition newspaper Zaman, was dispersed with water cannons and rubber bullets

In Turkey, the confrontation around suddenly declared bankrupt the most widely read opposition newspaper Zaman. The rally supporters for the second time that day dispersed with water cannons and rubber bullets, and appointed managers announced the dismissal of chief editor and blocked the revision, according to DW.

On Saturday, 5 March, the editors began work, being surrounded by a police cordon. The staff missed to the editor by identity.

On Saturday morning, the appointed managing authorities have sacked its editor Abdulhamid of the Bilik or room. The employees accompanied him by applause, show photo from the Twitter account of the publication.

Details about what is happening informed English-speaking newspaper website Today’s Zaman. However, managers soon turned off in the building Internet and blocked back-office Internet version. After that, the coverage of the conflict continued on Twitter.

Policemen standing in a cordon, continue to disperse the gathering at the building’s edition of protesters calling for an end to the attack on the free press. On the eve and in the morning the demonstrators were dispersed with tear gas and water cannons. In the second half of the day Twitter outlets reported that the protesters were shot with rubber bullets. Published photos of the woman with a bloody face and a cut on his temple.

The TV channel RT reported that exposure to tear gas experienced head of middle East Bureau of the TV channel Paula slier, who led the live broadcast from the protests. «The protest was quite peaceful. Suddenly the police moved on the crowd and after a few moments, began to force out protesters and throw canisters of tear gas. The men fled. I was in the group of women who went to the hairdresser to do as I do, to recover from the effects of gas,» she said.

A court in Istanbul on 4 March without explanation introduced in the paper external control. A few hours later police launched the searches in the editorial. Representatives of the publication claimed that a state-appointed managers threatened to confiscate the property of the newspaper.

Zaman newspaper with a daily circulation of 650 thousand copies is the most read daily paper in the country. He is credited with proximity to living in the US Islamic opposition preacher gülen, who is considered a staunch enemy of the current President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The movement «Khizmat» Ankara accuses of terrorist activities and attempts to destabilize the situation in the country.

We will remind, in November of 2015, Turkish police arrested two opposition editors of the journal Nokta. The arrest took place after the publication of the magazine under the cover with a picture of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan with the title «Monday, November 2. Start a Turkish civil war.» The police also confiscated the entire edition of the magazine.

In Turkey, the rally of supporters of the opposition newspaper Zaman, was dispersed with water cannons and rubber bullets 05.03.2016

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