In Turkey, detained 34 suspected of having links with «ISIS»

34 people were detained in operations against the «Islamic state», which took place simultaneously in four provinces in Turkey. It is reported Hurriyet daily news.

14 people were detained in the southern provinces of Adana and delivered in policijske areas.

Another 10 people were detained during the operation in zentralanatolien the province of Sivas. They were detained on suspicion of preparing a terrorist attack on November 10. During the searches they seized documents, digital data and logs related to the jihadist organization.

In addition, 5 people suspected of fighting on the side of ISIL, was detained in Izmir province.

In the northwestern province of Duzce, also detained 5 people – three of them were foreigners. They also seized documents related to the «Islamic state».

Currently, police are investigating the detainees.

Recall, October 26, President Barack Obama discussed with Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the coordination of efforts against «ISIL».

In Turkey, detained 34 suspected of having links with «ISIS» 11.11.2016

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