In Tunisia detained the ship with Russian weapons for «irregular army»

The Tunisian authorities have detained the ship URAL with a large batch of smuggled weapons and equipment for «irregular army» of Russia. This was announced by the representative of the Tunisian customs Hitem Tanned, writes Agenzia Nova.

The ship went under the flag of Panama from Novorossiysk. His destination was listed Cameroon. URAL 15 February from-for breakages stopped at the port of Tunis Sfax. Suspected Tunisian authorities caused the route of the vessel, which was sent to Cameroon, writes «Maritime Bulletin».

The ship visited the Ionian sea, which was not on its route, approached the coast of Libya, where for some time cruised at low speeds. Then the ship proceeded to Tripoli, and on February 13 went in the direction of Sfax. The ship was detained as suspect. Documents for the cargo «did not meet any requirements,» and the case was sent to the Tunisian Prosecutor’s office on suspicion of terrorism.

On Board detected 24 unregistered container with infantry combat vehicles, ambulances, tank trucks, generators, military uniforms, radios and equipment for satellite communications.

The Tunisian military, which ran the equipment, I assume that the contents of the container is designed for military camp of irregular troops.

According to the «Maritime Bulletin», 20 February the ship tried to visit representatives of the Russian Embassy in Tunisia, however, their not allowed in there.

From the Russian side is not followed by any comments.

In Tunisia detained the ship with Russian weapons for «irregular army» 25.02.2018

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