In Tripoli, fighting broke out

In the second half of the day in several areas of Tripoli, clashes erupted between Central security forces in Abu slim district, under the command of Abdul Ghani al-Kikli (Gravy) and armed men loyal to Salah al-Burki.

On Thursday February 9, transfers «RBC-Ukraine» with reference to the Libya Herald.

Noted that the conflict was used by tanks and heavy mortars. The residents of the district of Abu slim not to leave their homes.

«Shooting has not stopped since noon. We are hesitant to go out and see what happens,» say the locals.

It is reported that the Burqa units destroyed the positions of Gravy.

This is not the first conflict between the forces of Gravy and Burkas. It is known that Gnawa to do with the presidential Council, while the Burqa support of the Caliph al-Guala, the former «Prime Minister» of the so-called government of national salvation.

The cause of the collision is still unknown, although power Gravy on his page in Facebook reported that it is associated with nine stolen in the area of the machine.

Recall that after the civil war and the overthrow in 2011 of Muammar Gaddafi in Libya remains tense. The country was fragmented, there are a large number of armed groups, organized on a territorial or tribal basis, between which occasional armed clashes.

In Tripoli, fighting broke out 10.02.2017

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