In the winery started patrol police

In the winery today, February 22, was sworn in as the new patrol police. President Petro Poroshenko, who attended the ceremony, spoke in support of the patrol police, reports

In his speech he remembered a rally in support of police held Sunday at St. Sophia square in Kyiv.

«Yesterday the people came to the square of St. Sophia, to protect the honour and dignity of the police. This is a sign of confidence in the patrol police. Call for patrol police to preserve an eye on the people’s trust,» reported the President on Twitter theses of his speech.

He also thanked the head of the National police the She Dekanoidze and the team of reformers in the Ministry of interior for the creation of a «new service model».

Recall, by June 2016 police patrol work in 29 cities.


7 November 2015 in Ukraine came into force the Law «On the National police». At the same time the Law «About militia» has been repealed.

The police have a new structure have the right to use certificates, seals, logos and emblems of the police and the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine until the end of 2016. Also during this period, the police allowed the wearing and use of uniforms uniforms specific to the police.

All temporarily assigned employees of the National police will be recertified to a permanent position, applicants for Executive positions and investigators will undergo the polygraph test and will be interviewed.

In the winery started patrol police 22.02.2016

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