In the Vinnytsia region, the locals are drunk killed 17 bison

The police in Vinnytsia region opened a criminal case on the fact of destruction 17 wild bison, a species listed in the Red book of Ukraine. The poachers that killed animals, faces up to 5 years in prison and more than 2 million UAH of a penalty. This is stated in an investigation published on the website of the Ukrainian branch of the world wildlife Fund (WWF).

The tragedy of proizashlo 31 January in Vinnytsia region. A herd of bison came out of the woods in search of food on the field. The locals saw bison and, being drunk, taking the dogs started chasing the herd (about 60-80 individuals) on the ice. Ice broke under the weight of wild bulls, and they fell into the water.

Part of the bison managed to get out of the pond, others drowned. Two of the wounded, weakened bison landed. The locals killed them and took the meat home. Later pulled from the water eight corpses of animals, and in early February found seven more. Almost all of the bison were young females.

The police opened a criminal case under the article 248 (illegal occupation by fish, animal or other water extracting craft) of the criminal code of Ukraine.

The number of bison listed in a Red data book in Ukraine in 2010 was 260 individuals, and the worldwide — 1 770 thousand individuals. Including 90 bison of Bialowieza-Caucasian breed live in Bukovina Carpathians: 30 in Storozhynets and 60 Beregomet in the state forestries.

Thus, in 1992 there were 685 individuals. By 2020-2025 experts predict that Ukraine will disappear the last bison.

In the Vinnytsia region, the locals are drunk killed 17 bison 26.02.2016

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