In the velvet season vacation on the Azov will drop by half, and Odessa will remain the same

Summer ends, but not all visited resorts. A deliberately postponed a vacation in the fall to make it cheaper. Edition of «Today,» found out where you’re going «jerk» Ukrainians are not in season, and how much it will save.

«The Mediterranean in September is getting cold in Italy and Spain often rains, so the rest is there in this period is considerably cheaper. You can find a ticket even for 150 euros, — says Director of travel Agency Marina Kovalenko. — In the same season it was at least twice as expensive. By the way, many make the choice in favor of Spain, since in September it is not only much cheaper, but at the same time, this month, and there still is a big festival in honor of the founder of the modern school toreadores Pedro Romero is a very bright and spectacular show.»

According to the specialist, heavily drop in price and trips in Croatia. However, the heat this time of year there will be only in split, but compensate for this deficiency of saved money, because to go to the country on a bus for 135 euros. However, for this amount is offered to the economy class hotels, but if you go to enjoy nature and local flavor, is relatively modest conditions and can endure, he said.

«Usually for the money autumn offer hotels, located at a distance of one to three kilometers from the beach. The numbers will, of course, clean, but no frills, and the food will have to pay extra,» says Kovalenko.

Not too much, but will drop in autumn and the most popular among Ukrainians overseas beach resorts of Turkey, Egypt and Tunisia. The sea there will still be warm, but the influx of tourists are expected, so the rest on the system «All inclusive» in this period there is possible for $ 300. By the way, travel agencies noted that despite the recent events in Turkey, interest in travel to this country has remained virtually unchanged.

However, many are going to relax and the local latitude. The family of Olga Skarby going to Kyrylivka on the Azov sea, and last year we had planned this trip in the fall. The woman said that prices there will fall in two-three times.

«We found a good room for two hundred hryvnia per day. In the summer he wanted 450 UAH. Go to Kyrylivka because there easier to get with a small child, there is a good climate and conventional food,» explains Skarby.

Recreation on the Azov sea confirm that prices since mid-September really will fall significantly.

«We will lower the price for the rooms roughly twice, as expensive because a lot of tourists are hard to find,» explains the owner of the recreation Constantin Kalamani. — In principle, it is normal practice for September. Normal rooms or summer houses with Soviet General repair shall be 50 UAH.

And here’s another popular domestic resort, Odessa, cheaper not much. According to Marina Kovalenko, in Odesa the prices will remain roughly at the same level, the cheaper will be, except that rest in Zatoka and Koblevo other small towns. There it will be possible to settle from 100 UAH per day per person, but for the money you will be offered is that the so-called «Soviet» service.

But, experts say, many proposals from 50 UAH per day is the Western Ukraine, which, incidentally, was so popular among the tourists this year.

«In the opinion of tourists, where they get much more impressions than the sea we have. And the food there is much cheaper,» explains Kovalenko.

Recall that 6 Ukrainian beaches hit the global list of most clean.

According to the poll, only 2% of Ukrainians go abroad for vacation.

In the velvet season vacation on the Azov will drop by half, and Odessa will remain the same 18.08.2016

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