In the USA detained the man, who arranged chaotic shooting in Kalamazoo

American police detained the man who shot dead seven people in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

This is the BBC.

Five of them were killed outside the restaurant, two at the dealership, reportedly among the dead, 8-year-old boy.

Apparently, an armed man rode around the area by car and shot at passers-by.

These attacks are also associated with the earlier shooting in the Parking lot, where he was seriously injured a woman.

Police arrested 45-year-old man and reported that a threat to the public anymore.

«It’s random killing,» said Deputy Kalamazoo County Sheriff Paul Mathias.

An armed man opened fire Saturday, February 20, in the evening, in three places — near the restaurant Cracker Barrel, Ford dealership and apartment complex.

First, the police summoned to a house where a woman was wounded. She was shot several times in the presence of her children, she was taken to hospital in serious condition.

A few hours later the police was summoned to the dealership, where they were shot and killed two people, wounded another, said Mathias. According to preliminary information, killed the father and the son.

The third attack occurred in the Parking lot of Cracker Barrel: a man opened fire on people sitting in the cars people. Five died, he added Mathias.

As reported, recently, unknown persons opened fire at a school in Glendale in the suburbs of Phoenix (Arizona, USA). In the accident killed two 15-year old girl — the schoolgirl of the tenth class.

In the USA detained the man, who arranged chaotic shooting in Kalamazoo 21.02.2016

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