In the US, the movement against trump joined the Alliance

Protest groups in the United States of America, which organized protests against the elected President-a Republican billionaire Donald trump, has announced the merger of the Alliance called «Not my President» (#NotMyPresident). This writes Deutsche Welle.

The aim of the Alliance is putting pressure on the electoral College, the United States, so that the electors voted for the election of President Democrat Hillary Clinton, which, according to them «is a more responsible candidate than Donald trump.»

The Union entered the protest movement from new York, Washington, Portland, Oregon, new Jersey.

Members of the Alliance are calling for peaceful protests across the country, to the electors «felt responsible for their choices», and also argue that the electoral laws of the United States contains provisions that make it possible for electors voting for an alternative candidate.

However, critics have noted that expectations that the electoral College will vote for another candidate, contrary to the popular expression, very far from reality.

As previously reported, large-scale protests against the election, trump took place in Los Angeles, new York, Chicago and other cities. In Indiana, protesters threw stones at police and bottles, as a result, two policemen were injured.

Opponents of the trump plan large-scale protests in the us capital on January 20, when President-elect must take the oath and join the powers of the head of the White house.

In the US, the movement against trump joined the Alliance 16.11.2016

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