In the US have arrested about a hundred people during the protests against the election trump President

Not less than 196 people were taken to police stations in the United States on the third day of mass protests against the election of President of the United States Donald trump, said on Friday, November 11, AP.

In particular, in the state of California 185 people taken into custody in Los Angeles and 11 in Oakland.

According to police, the arrests in Los Angeles was held at a time when the protesters blocked the streets of the city.

According to the mayor of Los Angeles Eric Garcetti, a «very, very small group of people» pogroms and blocked the traffic. The mayor also expressed his pride for the thousands of protesters that kept public order.

As a result of the protests in Los Angeles have suffered only one person — a police officer.

In Oakland, protesters set fire to trash cans, broke Windows and tagged buildings with graffiti. In the night of Friday, most of the protesters gathered in the square before the city hall of Auckland and shouted slogans against the election trump, as well as against the police.

According to the AP, only in Oakland took to the streets about 1 thousand people.

Earlier, us media have reported the arrests of at least 30 people in new York and detaining 30 more in Portland (Oregon).

Recall that billionaire Donald trump has won the US presidential election, it became known on Wednesday morning, November 9, 2016. According to recent reports, the Republican candidate received 289 votes of the members of the electoral College with the required 270, and this despite the fact that Hillary Clinton was the favorite of voters according to the vast majority of sociological research.

To discuss the features of governance during the transitional period, trump has been invited to the White house the incumbent us President, Democrat Barack Obama, who led US to two consecutive terms.

Meanwhile, in California campuses of Berkeley and Oakland began a spontaneous protest disagree with the victory of the trump students, and social networks began to discuss the idea of proclamation of the state of a separate state (Calexit).

Sunday, November 13, the foreign Ministers of member countries of the EU will gather in Brussels to coordinate their joint policy towards the US after the change of leadership of this country. European politicians are more concerned about the threat of a probable rapprochement of Washington with the Russian aggressor and the policy of isolation.

Team Donald trump is the list of candidates for various posts in his administration. This was reported by two sources in the command of the trump.

In the US have arrested about a hundred people during the protests against the election trump President 12.11.2016

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