In the US, five people were injured in the accident involving unmanned Tesla

In the U.S. state of Minnesota 58-year-old owner of an unmanned vehicle Tesla got in an accident once activated the autopilot. About it reports Bloomberg.

About incident it became known on July 17.

According to police, the accident injured five people including the driver. They all received minor injuries.

The press service of Tesla said that the company is investigating the incident along with local authorities. A company representative said that the end is not known, whether there was in the time of the accident activated the autopilot function, but there is no reason to believe that the autopilot, which is designed to reduce the probability of an accident by 40%, was faulty.

According to the Agency, after notification of an accident the share price of Tesla Elon musk has dropped by 4.4%.

May 7, 2016 in Florida, the Tesla Model S, which was a former special forces soldier Joshua brown, on autopilot collided with a tractor which was pulling the trailer. The truck was moving perpendicular to the motion of the electric vehicle. Brown died on the spot. It was the first case of death of the person in the car with the autopilot engaged.

In January 2017 the national Council for transport safety, the United States recognized that the autopilot Tesla Model S was not the cause of death of the driver. The driver does not have to rely completely on autopilot Tesla and is obliged to control the situation even when the measuring systems, told the Council.

Tesla Motors – American car company from Silicon valley, focused on the production of electric vehicles. Named after the world-renowned electrical engineers and physicist Nikola Tesla.

In October 2016, the company announced the launch of electric cars with full autopilot.

In the US, five people were injured in the accident involving unmanned Tesla 18.07.2017

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