In the UOC (MP) shared their experiences about the project «Marriage for a day»

A consequence of the adoption of the draft «Marriage for a day» in Kiev may be an increase in the number of hasty marriages, however, growth of number of divorces, it will not, according to the Chairman of the Mission of the Synodal Department of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate) for the family, Archbishop Panteleimon (povoroznyk). It is reported by Interfax.

«It is unlikely that this initiative of divorce will be less or more than it is at the moment. Obviously, it would result in a large number of hasty marriages in the state of emotional lift,» said poworoznik, commenting on the launch of the project «Marriage for a day».

At the same time, as reports the information Center of the UOC, Archbishop recalled that «the Church has always welcomed the initiatives of the state that seek to improve the quality of human life, if it does not contradict Christian moral standards.»

According to him, from the perspective of the state marriage is just a legal contract between the two parties and the Church cannot recommend one or another scheme of registration of marriage, but «if a man and woman will come with a document which was either shortened or stretched in time, priest should marry, because the law of the state is to ensure a Foundation.

In addition, povoroznyk recalled that in ancient times, people quickly made the decision about marriage and lived together the whole life. «St. John Chrysostom insists that these matters are dealt with as quickly as possible, so that couples are not inflamed with passion, satisfied that already did not want to carry along the cross of married life,» he said.

«Marriage is a thing which does not simplify and the more won’t improve if people do not want. Marriage is a huge responsibility. And important things should be approached very carefully and deliberately,» — said the Archbishop.

«We have a secular society… and the state does not require the accomplishment of the Ordinances, because the overall decision to go to the temple or not, is a Christian deed, and if they are ready for it today, or will grow in many years, after being hastily married, it will be a victory over the secular approach to marriage,» he said, povoroznyk.

As reported in July, the Cabinet of Ministers supported the proposal of the Ministry of justice to run a pilot project in some localities, where it will be possible during the day to register the marriage.

Ten days report of the project «Marriage for a day» in front of Severodonetsk used this service 17 pairs from the occupied territories of Donbass.

In the capital of document service «Ready» has launched the procedure on 14 August. Informed for marriage registration were required to apply and to wait 30 days.

In the UOC (MP) shared their experiences about the project «Marriage for a day» 19.08.2016

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