In the United States published a letter to Barack Obama from the organizer of the September 11 attacks

The American newspaper the Miami Herald published the fragments of the letter of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who is considered one of the main organizers of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. The message is addressed to former President Barack Obama, it contained accusations against Washington and explains the reasons why terrorist attacks were committed, writes

It is noted that Mohammed wrote his letter in January 2015, but first, the authorities of Guantanamo Bay prison, where the suspect refused to send the appeal to the addressee. In September of the same year, the American counsel for the prisoner filed a petition for delivery of letters, stating that the accused has the right to send petitions to the Supreme commander. A year later, judge James Paul gave consent. The newspaper has requested a letter from the lawyers of Mohammed and in the end got it.

The full text of the 18-page letter is not given, but the newspaper publishes extracts from it. According to TASS, Mohammed refers to Obama as «the head of the snake» and the President, «the country of oppression and tyranny.» »

On your hands are still wet blood of our brothers, sisters and children killed in Gaza,» writes the prisoner.

According to his lawyers, he began to write this message back in 2014 amid Israel’s military offensive in the Gaza strip.

«We didn’t start the war against you on the day of 9/11. It (did) you and your dictators in our country,» writes Mohammed, the terrorist attacks of 2001.

He cites a long list of military interventions of the US abroad «from Iraq and Iran to Vietnam and Hiroshima».

Mohammed emphasizes that will never «beg for mercy» from the Americans, including the court. According to the author of the message, he fears neither life sentences nor the death penalty.

«I would love to be one in the chamber to pray to Allah until the end of my days and to repent. But if your court will sentence me to death, with even greater joy of meeting Allah and the prophets, will see your good friends whom you unjustly killed around the world, will see Sheikh Osama bin Laden, «reads the letter.

A citizen of Pakistan, Sheikh Mohammed was arrested in 2003 in a joint operation of U.S. intelligence and police in Pakistan. The US authorities consider him to be one of the main organizers of the 2001 attacks.

In the United States published a letter to Barack Obama from the organizer of the September 11 attacks 09.02.2017

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