In the United States presented awards screen actors Guild. Figures in Hollywood have criticized trump’s decree banning the entry of Muslims

In Los Angeles (California) on Sunday, January 29, was held the award ceremony of the screen actors Guild USA. Best actor of the year was named Denzel Washington for his starring role in the film «Fences» (Fences). In the category «Best actress» prize was awarded to Emma stone, who played in the musical «La La land» («La La Land»). This was reported on the website of the prestigious awards, writes

Tape a «Hidden figure» («Hidden Figures») was awarded the prize in the category «Best cast». The film by American Director Ted Melfi talks about the contributions of the three black women in mathematics in the initial phase of the program of space flights of NASA. In this category, with band competed movies «Manchester by the sea» («Manchester by the Sea»), «Moonlight» («Moonlight»), «Fences» («Fences») and «Captain fantastic» («Captain Fantastic»). Moreover, as noted TASS, were favourites drama «Manchester by the sea» by American Director Kenneth Lonergan, which led the number of nominations for the Guild award.

Denzel Washington received the award for «Best actor in a feature film» for her role in the film «the Fence», telling about the racism in the United States 1950-ies. This bonus also claimed Casey Affleck («Manchester by the sea»), Ryan Gosling («La La land»), Andrew Garfield («For reasons of conscience», «Hacksaw Ridge») and Viggo Mortensen («Captain fantastic», «Captain Fantastic»).

Award «Best actress in a feature film» was awarded to Emma stone for her role in the musical «La La land», which tells the love story of a jazz pianist and a young actress. For the victory in this nomination also fought Meryl Streep («Florence foster Jenkins», «Florence Foster Jenkins»), Natalie Portman («Jackie», «Jackie»), Amy Adams («the Arrival», «Arrival») and Emily blunt («the Girl in the train», «The Girl on The Train»).

The award for best actor in a TV Comedy got William H. Macy (TV’s «Shameless»). Best cast in a Comedy series the Guild has recognized the cast of «Orange is the new black.»

Award for best actress in teledrama went to a young British woman, Claire Foy for her role in the TV series «the Crown», the prize for best drama actor went to her partner on the series John Lithgow.

The best performers of the second plan Guild called Maharshal Ali for her role in the film «Moonlight» and viola Davis(«Fences»).

Some filmmakers used the awards ceremony as a platform for expressing indignation at the signed by the President of Donald trump ‘s decree toughening of the immigration policy of the United States. The new head of state for 90 days was denied entry to the US citizens of seven countries, have stopped accepting refugees for 120 days and banned indefinitely the admission of refugees from Syria.

According to The Mirror, in particular, actor Ashton Kutcher opened the awards ceremony with mention of the decree of the trump. He greeted the audience, viewers and «those airports».

«Your place in my America» — said Kutcher, quoted by the Russian service of the BBC.

The award for best actress in a TV Comedy Julia Louis-Dreyfus also commented on immigration policy trump. Recalling that she is a daughter fleeing the Nazis, a French Jew, the artist described the restrictions as «shameful and UN-American».

In turn, British actor of Indian origin Dev Patel has branded trump, coming on the red carpet. The star of the movie «Slumdog Millionaire» announced the decree of the President of the United States «absolutely devastating».

Actor Simon Helberg, known for his role as Howard Wolowitz in the Comedy series «the big Bang Theory», and his wife Jocelyn town also protested against a decree of the trump. Khelberg holding a poster on which was written: «Refugees, welcome», and on his chest the town was inscribed the phrase «let them in».

Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of the ceremony, the winner of Emmys, a Tony, a Grammy nominee for «Oscar» actress Lily Tomlin compared the political tactics of Donald trump that was used in Nazi Germany, reports Variety.

Screen actors Guild USA, established in 1933, is a trade Union defending the interests of the artists of cinema and television, as well as other industry participants operating in the United States. It consists of about 165 thousand artists of cinema and television. The screen actors Guild award nomination is awarded since 1995 for movies and television series.

Earlier it was reported that thousands of scientists from around the world, including 28 Nobel prize winners signed the petition, which strongly condemns issued by the President of the United States the decree on temporary prohibition on entry into the country for the citizens of several countries in the Middle East and North Africa.

In the United States presented awards screen actors Guild. Figures in Hollywood have criticized trump’s decree banning the entry of Muslims 30.01.2017

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