In the United States need to investigate hints of Advisor to trump on the easing of sanctions against Russia

The scandal of the negotiations adviser to the President of the United States Donald trump Michael Flynn with the Russian Ambassador to the United States Sergei Kislyak enters new round: a number of congressmen need to investigate hints of the EA for mitigation of sanctions against Russia.

According to The Washington Post, the Flynn had a telephone conversation with Vice-President Mike Pence — he became the highest-ranking representative of the administration, which denied the fact of such conversations.

The conversation (or conversations) between Flynn and Kislyak held at the end of December 2016, when Barack Obama imposed new sanctions against the Russian Federation due to the interference of Russian hackers in the us elections. Information about the content of the contacts is supplied is ambiguous: in the United States report that they could discuss the sanctions, although Flynn doesn’t remember that. The Kremlin claimed that the media incorrectly reported the content of the conversations, and sanctions were not discussed.

To investigate demanded that Senate Democrats ed Measurements and Chris Murphy. AP indicates that the conversation took place before the inauguration of trump, Flynn acted as a private citizen and by law had no right to discuss the decision with the official representative of a foreign state.

The democratic Congressman Adam Chiff, member of the house Committee on intelligence, said that if the suspicions against Flynn confirmed, he must leave his post: «If the current national security Advisor underestimates the national security interests of the United States, it is not suitable for this position.»

For the first time about five phone calls Flynn and Kislyak told Reuters. It was noted that the contacts took place on 29 December, the day when the Obama administration announced new sanctions against Russia, accusing Moscow of meddling in the US presidential election held in November 2016. The WP sources told the publication about repeated contacts. And that during these conversations Flynn gave the Kremlin a signal that Moscow can count on the easing of the restrictive measures imposed by the previous administration, after coming to power of the new head of the United States. Flynn has urged Moscow not to overreact to the new sanctions imposed by Obama, making it clear that both parties can reconsider the matter.

Sources claim that at least one of those conversations occurred directly between the Obama announcement about the expulsion of Russian diplomats and counter-statement of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. He decided not to take immediate reflex action. Trump then called it «an excellent course» intelligent man.

Vice-President Mike Pence in January, said in an interview with CBS News, spoke with Flynn. «Anything that has to do with the US decision regarding the expulsion of Russian diplomats or the imposition of sanctions against Russia, they are not discussed», — he assured journalists.

This week the White house has clarified the position trump the anti-Russian sanctions: no cancel to return Crimea to Ukraine, said the official representative of the White house, press Secretary trump’s Sean Spicer. His announcement came on the backdrop of the American senators who introduced the bill prevent any unilateral decisions of the President about the lifting of sanctions against Russia.

In the United States need to investigate hints of Advisor to trump on the easing of sanctions against Russia 11.02.2017

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