In the United States district of Columbia voted in a referendum for a separate state

Voters in the American Federal district of Columbia voted to change the administrative status for the state.

For a decision they voted in a referendum that November 8 was held in parallel with presidential elections, said on Wednesday 9 November «UKRINFORM» with reference to WP.

«The voters of the district in the majority agreed on a referendum to make the capital city the nation’s 51st state on Tuesday», — stated in the message.

It is noted that the district’s voters expect Congress to draft a bill on the granting of the status of Columbia the 51st state, and the President support this decision.

A draft amendment to the administrative status suggests that Colombia will declare itself a state, but will leave on its territory of the Federal district, where there will be government structure.

We add that the district of Columbia in the presidential election voted for the democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. However, the victory went to the Republican billionaire Donald Trump. Clinton, who is considered the favorite of voters according to the vast majority of sociological research, has already conceded defeat. According to her, the situation around the elections in the USA showed that the differences in the country were more significant than thought before. So, in the us city of Oakland (California), began the protest after winning trump in the presidential election. Also, the American media reported that among the citizens becomes more popular, the idea of separating California, which voted for Clinton, from the rest of the USA. The idea called Calexit.

In the United States district of Columbia voted in a referendum for a separate state 10.11.2016

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